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Panhandle Gunslingers accepts Estate Consignments.  We offer to get you the fairest price for your firearms in a secure environment.  While trying to maintain a fair pricing structure to all of our customers (both you and the buyer), we offer many solutions for estate firearm liquidation.  We utilize many avenues to bring you the best service possible including our conveniently located store front, internet access and proven nationwide presentations and reputation. Add some fun and games locally and we believe that Panhandle Gunslingers can ease the pressure involved in estate firearm liquidations.  We use many methods to obtain the best price and still offer our buyers a competitive pricing structure.  Please contact us at 806-373-7572 or email me if you need more information.

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We offer a wide range of products at Panhandle Gunslingers for shooting enjoyment. Please stop in anytime to see our selection of long guns, handguns, personal defense products, ammunition and accessories for the shooting enthusiasts.

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Panhandle Gunslingers has the largest parts inventory in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.  Give us a call (806-373-7572).

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